• Significantly reduces purchasing costs through dynamic live competition.

• Substantially reduced purchase cycle times / man hours : e-Procurement speeds up mundane and repetitive tasks whilst reducing the need for paper/CD formatted tenders.

• Greatly improved tender practice from both client and supplier view point.

• Creates an auditable and transparent outlook onto the procurement process.

Supply Chain Management is under pressure – more than ever – to deliver additional savings, help develop and manage supplier relationships, reduce procurement cycle periods; all whilst maintaining process performance during B2B procurement. Confronted with these diverse challenges, especially in the current economic climate, procurement and sourcing professionals are increasingly seeking tailor-made solutions that deliver rapid returns for their businesses.

Whatever your area of business – manufacturing, construction contracting or professional services – Prologic has a range of products and services that will help you achieve your business goals, including reverse eAuction software and other e-tendering solutions to suit many requirements.

Contact Prologic Data Management and we will work with you to understand which of our services best meet your needs.

The remarkable savings and benefits achieved through e-Sourcing activities such as eAuctions and Reverse Auctions, should always outweigh the costs associated with delivery of the services necessary to achieve these savings.

Prologic assists clients to maximise savings on both purchased products and services through in-depth consultation, coupled with appropriate eAuction and reverse auction software.

Because our e-Procurement software has been developed in-house, we have been able to position Prologic as one of the more cost effective suppliers that more than meets the needs of our clients and ensures maximum impact on their bottom line.

If you are interested in making savings from your suppliers through Reverse auctions or eAuctions, a free trial is available to demonstrate the excellent benefits Prologic can deliver for your business. Click here to enquire.

Prologic Data Management’s reverse e-Auction software allows clients to structure and maintain their existing supply chains, but at the same time encouraging healthy competition.