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    e-Procurement: The Business-To-Business Purchase of Supplies and Services

    eTender Portal

    The Prologic eTender portal effortlessly manages your suppliers and your projects & tenders with the quickest and easiest to use system on the market. Ask us for references ... our customers will testify to this.

    eBid (eAuction) Module

    Our eBid module allows you to negotiate on your purchasing costs in a competitive real-time environment, which enables your organisation to make significant savings over and above traditional procurement methods.

    Managed Service

    The Prologic eTender portal effortlessly manages your suppliers and your projects & tenders with the quickest and easiest to use system on the market. Ask us for references ... our customers will testify to this.


    Control Plus simplifies the e-tendering process for reduced timescales.


    Control Plus delivers instant cost savings to the organisation.


    Control Plus creates its own audit trail to enhance and facilitate compliance.

    Key Benefits

    e-Tender Benefits


    Reduced eTender Costs

    Huge savings in man hours over traditional tendering methods as well as e-mail/dropbox and other major eTender solutions in the marketplace.

    Better eTender (RFQ) returns

    Improved delivery and management of RFQ's result in a much higher rate & better quality of returns.

    Supplier Management

    Suppliers categorised and rated to suit your requirements, and easy to use PQQ facility for RFQ's.

    Reduced eTender Cycle Time

    Substantially reduces estimating and final purchase cycle time - speeds up mundane and repetitive tasks while improving quality and data integrity.

    Document Control & Compliance

    Central control of all documents sent and received. Also, detailed audit trail to facilitate and enhance compliance.

    Benefits to your Suppliers

    Ease of use, quickly view tender requirements, ask queries, upload responses etc. All previous tenders and submissions can be viewed in one central location.

    e-Auction (e-Bid) Benefits


    Reduced Purchasing Costs

    Significantly reduces purchasing costs through dynamic live competition, while ensuring to maintain quality.

    Benefits to your Suppliers

    Your suppliers will like the ability to resubmit an improved bid if required and it will help them see where they are in the marketplace. It's also a fair playing field where negotiations are completely open and transparent.

    Reduced Purchase Cycle Time

    Substantially reduces the purchase cycle time - you can arrive at your most competitive cost in a fraction of the time it takes through traditional negotiations.

    More than ever before, leading construction companies are using the supply chain to differentiate themselves to developers, help increase sales and penetrate new markets and channels. Competition for resources is increasing and clients are demanding more for less - so construction companies need to think of innovative ways to introduce sustainability for your business and the industry as a whole. At Prologic we can work with you to achieve these goals ... Why not contact us here Or phone 028 87 724864 for a free consultation?
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    If you are a manufacturing company, how do you ensure you are achieving the best bottom line possible? .. How can you do the very best for your business? The common answer is to increase sales and/or reduce costs ... The simple truth is, that it's a lot easier and less expensive to reduce costs, and this will immediately improve your profits. Why not talk to Prologic and see just how we can help? Contact us here or phone 028 87 724864 for a free consultation.
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    Prologic work with all types of industry sectors and the Financial industry is no different .. Insurance companies, Banks etc.. all have the same cost constraints as other sectors and all have to keep a careful eye on profits and therefore their costs ... These costs can vary from office consumables to facilities management to travel & logistics – We can assist you with ensuring you're getting the best value for money whilst maintaining quality. Prologic have vast experience in this sector so why not give us a call and see what we can do for your organistaion? Contact us here or phone 028 87 724864 for a free consultation.
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    Service / Consultancy
    Service companies come in many shapes and sizes and have associated costs the same as in any sector .. We can help ensure you're getting the most competitive price from your suppliers and therefore maximising your profits. Business consultancy firms offer many advantages to their clients and Prologic work with many of these consultancies to provide true cost reduction and value for money regarding purchasing .. If you are a consultancy focused on assisting your clients to the utmost, give Prologic a call and we will demonstrate how we can partner with you to reduce your clients purchasing costs and maximise their profits. Contact us here or phone 028 87 724864 for a free consultation.
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    "H&J Martin Facilities Management now utilise the eTendering solution package provided by Prologic eProcurement. We have had excellent results from the new portal and have seen improvements in Tender notification, management and final delivery. I can confidently recommend the Prologic eProcurement portal as a very beneficial tool for any FM company and also recommend Prologic eProcurement as an excellent partner who have reacted very quickly to any additional requests we have thrown at them. They have also provided ongoing support to us and our supply chain in a professional manner. Wilton Farrelly FBIFM, Division Director, H&J Martin Facilities Management.."

    H&J Martin

    "Keystone Lintels employed Prologic and saved 26.25% on selected stationery and consumables. Using Prologic and their Control plus software has allowed our organisation to achieve extensive savings from a core of suppliers that we would usually tender to. We could have asked Prologic to source more suppliers but we were happy to run with the companies we already knew. As well as the fantastic cost savings, Prologic have greatly reduced the purchase cycle time and freed up valuable days for our staff to focus on other areas of the organisation. " Rita Coary - Procurement Manager, Keystone Group.


    "With a turnover approaching £400million, the Buckingham Group required a feature rich and fast working system to manage their tenders. Since incorporating Control Plus into our bidding process we have saved a considerable amount of man hours per tender over using our traditional tender enquiry methods." - Dave Smith (Estimating), Buckingham Group.

    Buckingham Group

    "Dublin based procurement specialists The Clearview Group have been using the Prologic eProcurement software successfully with their clients for several years now. We have run over 100 successful eAuctions for our Construction, Banking and public sector clients in Ireland using Control plus. Prologic's flexability and professionalism is second to none which is why we intend to continue utilising their excellent services in the future. Dave Coffey - Founder & Director, The Clearview Group."


    "In 2014 we decided to engage with Prologic to provide our tendering software and we are extremely happy that we did. Our multi million pound joint venture required a large and diverse supply chain which could easily engage with a user friendly programme eliminating the need to post thousands of documents and drawings. David McDermott - Senior Buyer, BBMV."


    "Roland Smith are the UK's largest insurance broker for the Police market, specialising in insurance products and services specifically for serving and retired Police employees and their families. We purchased Prologic with a view to making significant savings - which I achieved (c.30% on our first auction!). I found the software extremely easy to use and the follow up support was excellent. Prologic guided me through every step of the process which resulted in an exemplary savings. It has now become a core aspect of our purchasing strategy. Vanessa Kewley - GI Financial Controller and Head of Group Procurement, Roland Smith."

    Police Mutual

    "Prologic has developed a quality ebidding tool, that is easy to use, enables great collaboration with the supply chain (especially Construction Suppliers) and provides value for money. Craig Mincher, Head of Supply Chain at ISG Construction."


    About Us

    Prologic's aim is to take the jargon out of e-sourcing and concentrate on achieving solid "time & cost" savings whilst maintaining quality and compliance.

    In partnership with you, our client, our team will select the best option for you and utilise our in-house developed software to maximise your results.

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